Saturday, April 10, 2010

Upstairs floor... A little out of chronological order!

Almost forgot to mention that I have now finished the upstairs floor. Its been sanded and epoxied. Now to finish all the construction then give it one more light sand and then put a polyurethane layer over it to finish it off.

Bathrooms and sheet rock.

The downstairs bathroom mostly framed up.
Here is the upstairs bathroom framed in and nearly ready for plumbing and electrical.

And some of the Sheetrock in the second story. This needed to be put up prior to wall framing.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally a second floor...

A few more pictures, on the top, now it effectively has a second floor!! On the bottom some of the exposed beam work covered in car decking.

Ready for more insulation

Here are a couple of pictures of the east and west walls prior to insulation going in and getting sheathing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

General Pictures

Insulation detail in progress.

The seemingly endless task of hauling old wood off to the recyclers.
An inside view of the roof structure. Its a shame to cover over the good looks of this, but it will receive insulation and sheet rock.

Working on getting the siding back on the building. Here the new second window opening for the second floor can be seen.

The new second floor, a start.

In chronological order: 1: The new main beams for the second floor, they finally showed up from the mill. 2: Setting the first of the two main beams. This was all the reach my hoe could muster. But she did a fine job and saved lots of backbreaking labor. 3: The new main beams in place. 4: I just couldn’t resist being the first person on the new second floor! But I did have to use a ladder to get there…